Pride is Polyglot

Let’s invite our world leaders to co-assemble jigsaw puzzles PRIOR to entering into their usual negotiations!

And we can use this particular puzzle, made in collaboration with Beneficent Church’s Social Justice and Witness Committee, led compassionately by Brenda Westberry to honor Stonewall’s 50th anniversary and kick off Providence Pride 2019.

This multi-lingual design draws its inspiration from the multiple languages I hear while volunteering at Providence’s Refugee Dream Center.

May this puzzle honor my mentees, friends and family members who have shown me how to transcend life’s persecutions: your power is our nation’s pride.


“Pride”  translated…


Abhimaan – Hindi

Brod – Irish

Fakhar – Arabic

Feyete – Haitian Creole

Fierte- French

Hokori – Japanese

Hrdost – Czech

Kibir – Somali

Kibir – Arabic

Korati – Amharic

Orgoglio – Italian

Orgulho – Portuguese

Orgullo – Spanish

Pagmamatas – Tagalog

Ponos – Bosnian

Stolz – German

Trots – Dutch

Zihao – Chinese

Kev txaus siab – Hmong

Yperifaneia – Greek

© Sarah Jane Lapp, 2024