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Puzzle, pie, and coffee

Photo: Jill Calfee Smith Photography

Assembling a puzzle

Peace by Piece
by Pie

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“Hi Sarah Jane! This world peace puzzle is your hardest so far. Kind of like the real deal of world peace…with sorting, fitting, moving around, holding together, figuring out this from that…” Kathy K.

“From now on I’m only buying your puzzles as gifts. What else does anyone need?” Dr. Michael Fine

“Dear SJ! I put the puzzle together. It was the first thing that made me look away from work, cancer, the festival, other hot spots. I loved working on the puzzle. I found it challenging, very challeging…” K.C., Queens

In 2012, during my first Seekonk, Massachusetts winter, while carless and recovering from physical injury, I fell in love—with jigsaw puzzles! No batteries required and totally silent, this old-fashioned mode of re-creation/creation simultaneously occupied my active fingers and soothed my anxious mind. Some months later, when healed and functioning, I finished a totally surprising new painting called “This Is a Life Worth Living.” This painting actually pleased me, as well as friends and strangers alike. As an experiment, I decided to transform this image into a puzzle…

Thus began a multi-year odyssey. Many puzzle designs later I now offer both custom puzzle commissions and clinical, corporate, and community-building puzzle-driven workshops and events. Learn more here.

In response to global lockdown gaming guru Mike Ferrier and I built two jigsaw puzzle apps with voice chat, Puzlkind and Puzzle Together

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MAR 1, 2023 UPDATE: see here for live and virtual Puzlkind events



350pc 18" round


Ego Candy (Focus Group of the Self no. 1)


NEW! 500 piece puzzle From "The Palace of Perfect Affection" collection 18" x 18"


Heart in New England

1000pc (Out of Stock)
24pc (Out of Stock)
12" x 18" 336pc

NEW SIZE! 12" x 18" 336pc


Landback (mostly minnesota, slightly seattle, what about seekonk)

350pc Round Puzzle

350pc Round Puzzle NEW Edition!




BACK IN STOCK! 20" x 28" 1000pc


This is a Life Worth Living

24pc (Out of Stock)
1000pc (Out of Stock)

12" x 18" 336 pieces NEW EDITION!


Unending Love


NEW! From "The Palace of Perfect Affection" collection 500 pieces, 18" x 18"


Wildflowers Puzzle

12" x 18" 336pc



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