Jigsaw Puzzles

Puzzle, pie, and coffee

Photo: Jill Calfee Smith Photography

Assembling a puzzle

Peace by Piece
by Pie

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During my first Seekonk winter, while carless and recovering from physical injury, I fell in love—with jigsaw puzzles! No batteries required and totally silent, this old-fashioned mode of re-creation/creation simultaneously occupied my active fingers and soothed my anxious mind. Some months later, when healed and functioning, I finished a totally surprising and new painting called “This Is a Life Worth Living,” a painting that actually pleased me, as well as friends and strangers alike. As an experiment, I decided to transform this image into a puzzle…

Thus began a multi-year odyssey. Many puzzle designs later I now offer both custom puzzle commissions and “Peace by Piece with Pie,” a community-building workshop. Learn more here.

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“Hi Sarah Jane! This world peace puzzle is your hardest so far. Kind of like the real deal of world peace…with sorting, fitting, moving around, holding together, figuring out this, from that…” — Written in response to K’s assembly of 1000pc Sanctuary during Massachusetts Winter Storm 3.0

I’m told #MichaelaCoel loves jigsaw puzzles. She obviously needs one of mine. The last time I sent a puzzle to a celebrity genius he died. RIP #Irrfan.

Seriously, folks, which one of you drinks with Michaela?

Operators will be standing by…

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