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From a preview screening at Seattle’s Psychoanalytic society Salon, one spectator’s erudite response: 

“My fantasy was that you were deftly pursuing sugar’s shadow, or negativity (in the Kantian sense- that which cannot be known, the unconscious-Freud), back and forth, back and forth. The sweetness of the substance/the violent social injustices provoked in it’s production; the intimacy of a relationship which also reveals it’s painful underbelly (man with glasses, your father). I was terribly moved by your question to both your father and the man (lover?) about (I forget how your phrased it) what you did not provide in the relationship. Their answers were also moving. Although your narrative voice was soft, it was fierce in it’s coherence and provocative penetration of everyday chit-chat. Unsettling and moving. Sweet and disarming. I was totally engaged although not in a linear way, more in the way of an animal in the bush. Best I can do… ” 

Carrie, Joe, and Charlie, on strike from Brooklyn Domino Sugar Refinery, circa 2000 
Sarah Jane’s hand-made sugar packets

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