SarahJaneLapp with Mercy43 at ArtProvGallery

”Mercy43″ – photograph by Mike Curato


In 1996 I matriculated to the Department of Filmmaking at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

I needed an email address. And I loved goats…


I offer you my wise and weird wit to help you revitalize your tool-kit.

Unlike many other artists, my brain travels on both sides of the tracks – I can paint, yes, and I can also talk ROI (ugh! capitalism!) – I ran operations for a PV solar installation company, but that’s another story…

You and I will co-create, invent and implement soulful, salient and visually stunning solutions to life’s un-funny challenges.

My clients include scientists and spiritual workers, educators and economists, artists and activists and architects, renegades and renewable energy wizards.

They are comically-inclined visionaries – who need a little help restoring their wicked sense of humor…

Together we have made telematic animated productions, broadcast interstitials, illustration and surface designs for paper goods, puzzles, and textiles. Also multiple iterations of #FelineTime, magnetic/interactive cat clocks…

The world is our un-kosher oyster!


George Bernard Shaw allegedly said, “All revolutions begin as a joke.”

Some of you bring me into your life as your mentor-coach, meeting with you weekly (daily, sometimes hourly!); some of you point to your fuzzy goal, then retreat to your cave and let me do my thing.

Others of you might invite me to facilitate workshops in person, or via Puzlkind, or, heaven forfend, Zoom!

To begin, let’s talk. Schedule a complimentary (wow, you are BEAUTIFUL!) 15 minute conversation here!


#EachAccordingToTheirNeeds taught my favorite socialist, cousin Rickie Flanders, may she rest in peace

I offer hourly illustration, consulting, coaching, writing, editorial, and instruction rates as well as workshop and project packages.

With the exception of the cousin who wanted to pay with an expired coupon no one has ever asked me for a refund.

That said, if you’re not happy I’m not happy. When I’m older and less of a people-pleaser things may change.

In the meantime…



People who saw me as a Luddite literally laughed out loud when I told them I had developed an app.

But I see Puzlkind – and its slightly older sister Puzzle Together – as a platform for a beautiful future.

I am indebted to their co-creator and inventor, Mike Ferrier, and his co-pilot Joyce Bettencourt. These two saints attended earlier iterations of my touring public puzzle assembly workshop,”Peace by Piece with Pie” and proposed building multiplayer apps to keep the magic going as the Covid19 pandemic spread.

Group puzzling provides a state of shared flow – we believe these apps keep the flow…flowing.


My religious cohort uses the phrase “TIkkun Olam” – world repair. Some babies get breast milk. I got Herzl.

“If I am only for myself, then who am I?”

But honestly? I serve at the pleasure of my peeps.

The bonds I forms with clients and customers tend to last a lifetime. And I am a Leo. Lions travel in packs…

Of course, these highly articulate people then stroke my ego with love letters and who can resist that???

SJ, how will I benefit from working with you?

Periodically – when we light the lamps at dusk as poet Jane Kenyon once wrote – I take out these aforementioned letters to make sure I’m on the right track. To ensure I’m delivering on my promises to make your life easier, lighter, lovelier. To make sure I’m really helping you bring your best self to a better world.

Allow me to share some lovely verbiage I recently excavated…so you can experience your own cognitive bias of “social proof” – a current client taught me that concept.

We all like to do what the other monkeys are doing.

“I love your multicolored soul. I love the way you love with such generosity, your ability to bring diverse groups together and create family. I love your endless curiosity, your super-high intellect and your unbelievable creativity.” – G. Professional Writer, Rhode Island

“Just finished reviewing the essay. It’s awesome. Somehow you are able to clean up my mess. I know more needs to be done, but you are magical. You totally get me, it.” L., Artist-Activist-Educator., New York

“Among my students Sarah Jane is a rare, fabulous individual whom I hope I will
always know.  Her art and her personality are elusive, even sly, but there is
luminosity at the center of it all.  Her regard includes history as well as
the moment, the personal as well as the condition we share.” T. , Artist-Activist-Educator., Illinois

Thrilled! That’s how I feel thinking about the new pools sunshine I will be dotting my home with. So thankful. and fortunate this opportunity appeared.” -M., Computer Program and Inventor., North Carolina

“Thank you for your amazing art, messaging, professional support, introductions, and outstanding customer service.” – R. C.P.A and Broker, Rhode Island

“Your drawing is so spectacular…” – J., Paralegal, California

“Words are useless to describe my appreciation for your time and talent devoted to Mindful Balance…” B. Psychiatrist and Professor., Rhode Island

“Thinking of your amazing awesomeness and wanted to say how much I truly appreciate you and your clever, talented, exuberant self. Thank you so much for hosting the wonderful experience of Pie & Puzzles. We had an amazing time and look forward to attending another…” – B. Criminologist and Professor., Connecticut

“What a wonderful card you designed! I think you have covered totally, in 15 words, all the areas of grief I am reading about in Megan Devine’s book, IT’S OK THAT YOU’RE NOT OK.” It took her over 200 pages to describe what you distilled into a 15-word artful design.” M. Psychologist, California


Write to me. I grew up with extroverts so I am friendly.

SarahJane AT

or CALL MY 1-800-NUMBER (just kidding…)

or DM me @puzlkind via Insta or on LinkedIN


You can refer your friends to me. You can contribute to Patreon. You can send me Russ and Daughters Babka…(no, I don’t have an affiliate with them. But my college roommate just Fedexed me one of their babka and I’m crushing badly…)

You can purchase card and jigsaw puzzles; you can also adopt my original drawing and paintings here.

I frequently tithe from sales’ proceeds to humanitarian and social justice organizations.

It’s my #ValentineForThePlanet 🙂

Help me make everyone’s life worth living 

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