Peace by Piece with Pie

What happens when strangers commune with pie and puzzles? World peace, piece by piece!

Libraries, retail stores, artist studios, galleries, hospitals, and universities have all hosted Sarah Jane’s puzzle projects. Participants practice dexterity, spatial relations, and color identification while they experience the calming communion of co-creation while assembling Sarah Jane’s original jigsaw puzzles! Inexperienced puzzleniks learn how to differentiate shapes and color while assembling a 24pc 4×6 puzzle. Want to practice mindfulness? Pick a partner and do a 99pc puzzle – silently! Ready for a challenge? Join the group working on a 350pc round puzzle or perhaps a1000pc beast! Need some TLC? Solve a problem with creative coach Sarah Jane while your hands focus on puzzle…. Optional: On the wall we project one of Sarah Jane’s digital puzzles, with software that tabulates speed of assembly. Fastest puzzler wins puzzle (or painting?) at the end of the day.

Special thanks to Ironzog for creating these digital delicacies and to original co-ideator Jackie Scalzo for this concept and to Kurry and Jacqueline at the now underground Fresh Table for hosting the inaugural Pie and Puzzle Happy Hour!

Contact Sarah Jane to set up a puzzle and pie happy hour at your local library, senior center, healing space, etc.

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