Puzlkind Events promote cross-cultural love and laughter, equity and inclusion, dialogue and delight.

Or so we hope.

Pay when you can, what you can, maybe before you go to the can…



Talk to your friends and family while you assemble Sarah Jane Lapp’s original jigsaw puzzles. No ads, no jerks. Chicken sounds included.

We welcome you to Puzlkind, an intentionally ad-free, art-filled, and inclusive space where you can puzzle and talk with friends, family, peeps, and puzzle pals! Begun as a response to multiple pandemics, Michael Ferrier and Sarah Jane Lapp developed this app to encourage well-being, promote equity and inclusion, and connect via co-creation. Features: Multiplayer artisan puzzles with voice chat; 3D physics; piece rotation; auto-sort by color, edge, and section; piece count from 12 to 2000.

Participants choose acoustic amusements, mat colors, piece count, and, of course, puzzle image. Initial library of forty original puzzle designs from twenty years of painting – very personal, sometimes political, and often involving goats. They’re showcased by UX wizard, Ruth Chung, and 3D code wrangler, Michael Ferrier (founder of Puzzle Together). App will be translated into a variety of languages and more puzzle designs – including mystery puzzles – will be added once SJL is allowed back in the studio!

New to Digital Puzzling? We offer a gift of three free puzzles, all features included.

Tired of going solo? Meet new puzl pals during Sarah Jane’s free, recurring Puzl with the Planet Happy Hour.

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Puzl tov! Let’s celebrate our path to peace, piece by piece…

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