SAVE US from ourselves…

If we look the world over for the one problem that would maximize human irrationality, and make it the most difficult to improve upon, it would be our climate crisis.
We pretend not to see it.
It is progressing slowly.
We think it will happen in the future, not now.
To others, not to us.
And it has no clear enemy.
Let us hope we can solve this puzzle together…
– Dan Ariely, Center for Advanced Hindsight 2022
After you assemble this puzzle we look forward to hearing your ideas for consensus and cooperation.
Feel free to write us here and tag us on social media @puzlkind @advancedhindsight @danariely

Special thanks to climate scientists John Harrison, Rebecca Shaw, Dan Baublis, and Jeff Arnold; to artists Mike Curato, Julia Gandrud, and Jody Winger, to all authors at ALL YOU CAN SAVE, PROJECT DRAWDOWN, and RARE – you all inspired and supported me greatly. Thanks to Michelle Gario for cake, period.

I will send portions of proceeds from puzzle sales to support amazing Earth angels including NRDC, RARE, World Wildlife Fund, Environmental Voter Project and the All We Can Save Project.


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