Puzzles: Smile in the Undergrowth

Ortolan puzzle

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Rage, alienation, sadness. All emotions relevant to the genesis of this image.

As my partner’s mother was dying I found myself chronicling every minute of my daily activity. Yes, a little O.C.D., but I also wanted to invest in some new time management paradigms!

I learned a lot about how spend my time as I scratched notes on a legal pad, e.g. “4:50-5:52am – worry”, “8:30-9:32” - yoga, “11:30pm- midnight – hospice.” But what joy I experienced when I shredded all those entries and collaged them as the sky for my mountain refuge...and its attendant goat-person.

If you know me, you know that I love goats.


Feedback from my puzzle tester Dureen:

"I expect to finish tonight….have logged about 18 hours so far. What will I do tomorrow night? I have been doing puzzles all my life but after finishing one of your 'PUZZLE TOVS' I feel I should be awarded a Graduate degree!

I am smiling in the undergrowth of your world."

Smile in the Undergrowth

Smile in the Undergrowth

Smile in the Undergrowth

Smile in the Undergrowth

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