Puzzles: Mostly Minnesota

Mostly Minnesota box

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The original painting from which this puzzle sprung is titled “Mostly Minnesota, Slightly Seattle…and what about Seekonk?”

When designing the puzzle box face label I decided: too much verbiage. I shortened the text to focus on my birthplace.

Whenever I visit my Minneapolis I try to make a pilgrimage to Mecca – i.e. The Minneapolis Institute of Art, specifically to see George Morrison’s amazing wood collage, or wood painting as he thought of it. I never met this Anishaabe artist. I wish I had. You will, too, once you see his amazing piece.

So there’s that.

Before I dropped anchor in New England I spent nearly a decade in the state of Washington. Lake Union, Lake Washington, Puget Sound – one finds oneself frequently moving around or moving across water. Ironically, where I now live – in Seekonk – the water seems less present even though everyone who hears the name of my town assumes I live at sea.

I live at swamp. If the sea waters continues to rise I may live in swamp.

In the meantime we take refuge in islet and isthmus.

© Sarah Jane Lapp, 2019