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COVID-19 UPDATE Sept 08 2020

If you think you need cash

you actually need cats.

He’s a Brown University Pediatric Endo cum jazz pianist cum master woodworker. His name is Phil Gruppuso. And he and I have joined forces to entertain…

…bank employees.

And anyone else who happens to wonder off the wild streets of Southern Rhode Island to dump their coins into the Federal Reserve.


See curator’s* charming installation of our collaborations  here


Disco Cats are cash and carry. The three larger works, “Magic Word”, “Pride is Polyglot”, and brand new “Feline Time no. 1” are too precious to price.

So we’re gonna let YOU do it.

Write to Phil  at Seekonk Woodworking  and he’ll share:

…Floor Price v Buy It Now Price v Impress Jerome Powell

Auction ends Dec 1, 2020

Installation up until January 3, 2021

*Paula Martiesian, lover of trees and painter par excellence

Contribute to creative social justice. 

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because you don’t have anything else to do with your government stimulus $

during the most important election

of our lifetime…

Rest in Peace 



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