Sarah Jane at Planet SJ opening reception at the ArtProv Gallery

The Abyss, 2018

Welcome to Planet SJ!

We're seeking World peace, piece by piece. More magic, less mayhem. More compassionate creativity. More community – sans patchouli...? 

Enjoy your online visit here and feel free to send your questions to me - like, "can we schedule some creative coaching?" (yes!) or "Will you illustrate this poster?" for me?" (possibly) or "When will DJT be impeached?" (ask Mueller) 

I'm equally happy if you purchase my goods at your local brick and mortar portal — I only work with mensch-y people so you'll be in good hands. See stockists here. Not in your state? Write me with your favorite small business you want to support.

Planet SJ's October

Inspiring Email of the Month

"I started this puzzle with a friend on a girls' vacation in Oregon. My friend who lives there has it (a gift from her sister). I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed puzzles and really wanted to finish this one. I was looking at old vacation photos and realized that I actually had taken a photo of the box and was able to finally locate the exact puzzle. I was an art major and really enjoy the feeling of this piece..."

© Sarah Jane Lapp, 2018